In-Service Training Module

The In-Service Training Module contains data about training programs, trainers, and trainees.  It can be used to track training delivery by a single training center or by a wide network of institutions to track and report on training activities.  The module has robust reporting capabilities, which allows users to run various automatic reports, as well as create and save customized reports that can be run at desired intervals.

Data on training programs include training title, topic, PEPFAR category, type of training methodology, location, target cadre, and funding source. Data on trainers include demographic data, experience level and skills, affiliation, and language.  Data on training participants includes demographic data, cadre and qualification, facility of deployment, and pre- and post-test scores during training.

Pre-Service Training Module

The Pre-Service Training Module of TrainSMART contains dataabout health training institutions, instructors, student cohorts, andindividual students.  It can be used to track the collective progress of student cohorts in meeting requirements forgraduation, as well as the progress of individual students.  It can also be used to track theinfrastructure and capacity of multiple health training institutions.  As with other TrainSMART modules, thePre-Service Training Module has robust reporting capabilities, with possibilityfor both automatic and customized routine reports.

Data on health training institutions include location,cadres, number of classrooms and dormitories, and listing of keypersonnel.  Data on instructors includesdemographic data, experience level, and courses or practicum sessionstaught.  Data on student cohorts includesdata on start and graduation dates and on specific courses and otherrequirements for graduation. Data on individual students includes demographicdata, program of study, course grades and completion, enrollment status,financial support for study, and facility of deployment following graduation.

Skills Assessment

 The Skills Assessment module of TrainSMART allows for management and tracking of skills and competencies associated with various cadres.  The competencies and skills are customizable by a site administrator and can be designed to capture a wide variety of data

Look and Feel

 TrainSMART is a web based application.  A Demonstration version of TrainSMART is available on-line for testing and evaluation.  The url for the Demo site is:


Please contact us for further information about TrainSMART  or to receive a login to our Demo site.

Below, is a PowerPoint presentation that has many screen shots detailed information on the system.