TrainSMART was developed by I-TECH which is a part of the University of Washington. It is our intention to make the software available free of charge to any organization that would like to use it. In accordance with University policy we have developed a non-exclusive license that requires all users to agree to the Universities terms and conditions. A copy of the license is available on-line. If your organization would like to begin using TrainSMART, the license can be downloaded at the University of Washington's Department of Center for Commercialization web portal, located at: Please contact for information on licensing TrainSMART options for your organization. Updates I-TECH is committed to continual upgrades and improvements to TrainSMART. Each time there is a new build and release, I-TECH will publish release notes to explain new features.

Recorded distance learning sessions

Recorded 5/13/10 on Version 3 functionality Recorded 5/25/10 on Version 3 functionality The files below contain all release notes for TrainSMART since the first build.